2015 Dine Out Lauderdale
Sep 1 - Oct 12, 2015
Four-Course Dinner for $35 (excludes beverage, tax & gratuity)
Tapas ... (choice of one)
Chicken Dumpling
Chicken, assorted vegetables, soy sesame
Shrimp Hakau
Tiger shrimp, bamboo shoot, soy sesame
Hamachi Jalapeno
Hamachi, cilantro, jalapeno, yuzu sauce
Salad ... (choice of one)
Rudjak Salad (Indonesian Traditional Salad)
Julienne baby red cabbage, cilantro, shallots, ground peanuts, tamarind dressing
Papaya Salad (Thai Traditional Salad)
Julienne organic green papaya, string beans, baby greens, fresh lime juice
Entrée ... (choice of one)
Fish Gule
Red snapper, baby yucca leaf, Indonesian curry sauce
(vegetarian option available)
Beef Rendang
Slow cooked beef tenderloin, light coconut milk, Indonesian herbs
Crispy Chicken
Chicken breast, crispy, vegetable of the day, chili sauce
Lobster Crunch
Lobster tempura, crab, masago, scallions, asparagus, eel sauce
Chef’s Signature of the Day